B2B solutions for your company.


Why buy our products?

B2B solutions for your company.

Establishing strategic alliances with businessmen in the fashion world allows us to maintain a productive working relationship, in which our allies, in addition to receiving excellent performance from the sale of our products, offer a powerful and attractive reason that facilitates the process of sale towards buyers who wish to purchase GlassBijoux accessories.

Our products guarantee a totally satisfactory shopping experience, both for the final consumer and for the intermediary, store or distributor that joins our customers.

Buyers 100% pleased and proud to know that through their purchase action, they can meet their needs and contribute or participate directly in social development plans.

Benefits for entrepreneurs who buy our products


Economic benefits


1.- Obtain powerful arguments to promote the sales process, considering the social benefits of the product.

2.- Invest strategically in accessories of authorship, which favor diversity in the offer of services.

3.- Have an exclusive product that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

4.- Attracting loyal customers who generate more income for more years, thus reducing post-sale costs.

5.- Buy merchandise of excellent quality, made under avant-garde commercial parameters.

Final consumer satisfaction


1.- Obtaining optimal quality products.

2.- Acquisition of unique and unrepeatable pieces.

3.- Delight and satisfaction for the client who constantly acquires new designs.

4.- Fair payment for each product purchased.

5.- Satisfaction for participating actively in high impact social projects.

Social benefits


1.- More opportunities for producers and local markets.

2.- Promotion of initiatives that promote fair trade.

3.- Acquisition of products with low environmental impact.

4.- Support for enterprises aimed at reducing poverty.

5.- Promotion of global trade, allowing the participation of new actors.


A smart purchase for a demanding market!

Our commercial headquarters is located in «Luxembourg», which allows us to serve the global market efficiently!

Marifigenia Román

«Venezuela: In addition to working with GlassBijoux products, I am a user of the garments, I love all the designs and I find it much easier to sell, I am fully convinced of what I am selling and I have been able to see with my own eyes the progress of the people with whom they work. «

Elizabeth Faraco

«Mexico: I started selling the bracelets as an alternative for my business and it turns out that today I buy all the products from them, my clients are fascinated with the designs, they are fresh, colorful, we have never had problems with the support so I highly recommend them»


Edmundo Hart

«Spain: Working with GlassBijoux has allowed me to sell a really attractive product for my clients, not only for its aesthetic quality, but the history of social commitment behind it, which is the reason that motivates both my clients and me, to keep buying them «

Only for entrepreneurs

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