A project linked to the mother country is an initiative promoted by a group of Venezuelans who set out to create a commercial electronic platform that seeks to commercialize designer fashion accessories, mostly produced by a team of Andean women under the direction of Diana Matos, an artist Venezuelan with more than 15 years of experience in the field of fine jewelry manufacturing.

Through this initiative, undertakes a plan aimed at the Venezuelan exodus, a proposal that seeks to contact part of the already millions of Venezuelans who are scattered throughout the world, looking for a lucrative business model that is linked to their mother homeland.

An income alternative

Together we are more wishes to offer all Venezuelans who may be interested in obtaining an alternative source of income, a representation of our accessories in the city where they live, we are manufacturers of designer jewelry made by Venezuelans under the artistic direction of Diana Matos, as quoted by an important Venezuelan entrepreneur who seeks to reach out to those who for different reasons today live in dozens of cities around the world.

The work team wishes to contribute a grain of sand for its fellow citizens who undertake ideas throughout the planet, we are committed to our people and we wish to reach out to all good Venezuelans who are looking for where to invest part of your estate to start a commercial project at your current address.

We are the materialization of an idea thought globally with a view to acting locally, our undertaking not only seeks to activate the local economy, but also the global one and therefore we cordially invite those who are motivated by these lines, to contact us so we can explain them first hand all the details of this potential alliance that we propose.

Together we are more…





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