en cómo impacta nuestra compra, hacemos una breve descripción del alcance de cada artículo y/o prenda que compramos y de cómo se puede beneficiar a un circulo de personas comprometidas económicamente que dan respuesta a una alternativa loable para salir de la crisis, pendientes, collares, pulseras, brazaletes y mucho más productos son los que se fabrican en los talleres de murano art glass en los Andes venezolanos , todos los artículos que allí se producen, provienen de una filosofía de equilibrio y comercio justo / In how our purchase impacts, we make a brief description of the scope of each item and / or garment we buy and how it can benefit a circle of economically committed people who respond to a laudable alternative to get out of the crisis, earrings, necklaces , bracelets, bracelets and much more products are those that are manufactured in the murano art glass workshops in the Venezuelan Andes, all the articles produced there come from a philosophy of balance and fair trade

The story behind each purchase


a happy member of this dream

The history of Yelisse Moreno is undoubtedly divided between a before and after learning about the art of casting Murano glass, a discipline of the arts of fire that for hundreds of years has been reserved for very few in the art world.

Yelisse, a Venezuelan who for years worked as a production assistant in a company dedicated to the development of web pages, one day, after meeting Diana Matos, an established artist of Murano glass and listening to her project, decided to leave the formality of her office and enter an Atelier that would definitely change your quality of life.

Diana Matos for years has promoted a training model that incorporates women in the world of fire arts, it is a modality that starts with a training process in softglass, a way of working with Murano glass, which in this case, or it is aimed at making pieces that, after a design process, are transformed into art applied to the world of fashion and accessories.

Diana recruited Yelisse in her creative laboratory and gave her all the tools to join the Murano Art Glass design team and thus become part of that growing group of work that today under her direction, make true jewels that bear the commitment imprinted with the already well-known fair trade modality.

Yelisse Moreno

Now I am a relaxed woman and I can spend time taking care of my family,


Yelisse today is part of a growing group of Venezuelans who decided to walk with Diana in the adventure of developing an aesthetic project in the branch of designer costume jewelery and for this she receives an economic remuneration well above the average of the one she obtained in his previous job.

a dream come true

Today she works from her home where a melting station was installed and meets weekly to deliver the processed material and define the strategy for the following week, “today I am a relaxed woman, I can dedicate time to taking care of my family, since from home I am productive and that freedom has given me invaluable peace of mind, in addition, I get an excellent remuneration for my work ”says Yelisse with her best smile.

I am the owner of my time

This modality has been applied in many other areas of the production process promoted by Diana from her atelier, employing women who can be productive from their homes and thus seek greater rapprochement in their family nucleus.

“I am my own boss, I received my initiation workshop and they gave me the tools to be much more free than I was before, I set my own schedule and without a doubt I have the feeling of being the owner of my time, I guide my routine of I work and adjust it based on my family life, I am happy ”, says Yelisse from the warmth of her home.

«I am sure that promoting a work model in which family unity is sought is a way to contribute to making the world a better place» says Diana Matos, a visionary in the world of applied arts, who today coordinates more of 25 women scattered throughout the Andean geography.

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