A manifesto of global awareness

GlassBijoux, is a commercial exchange platform that seeks to connect consumers with products that have souls, that have in their DNA the spirit of fair trade and responsible consumption.

At GlassBijoux we are convinced that each individual can generate substantive changes through their purchasing actions, turning them into an act of social transformation.

We are inspired by the integration of a fair trade system, based on the belief that fairness should be the backbone of all commercial activity.

Fair trade is the way to promote responsible consumption.



Promote fair trade as a sustainable management model.

Promote economic development projects aimed at generating quality jobs in developing countries, mainly aimed at promoting the employment of women in a state of economic vulnerability.

Promote and market the work of artists and workshops that produce fashion or design accessories, provided they comply with the fair trade conditions that we have established as fundamental axes of our management.



Promote environmental projects that offset the ecological footprint of the production of the products we commercialize, always seeking to associate the brand with issues related to planetary awareness and ecological sustainability.

To direct an important part of our income to the development of education for work plans, where initiatives that seek to implement socio-productive projects that improve the quality of life of economically depressed communities in developing countries are promoted and financed.

Involve public and private institutions in projects that seek to reduce social gaps between rich and poor, understanding that equity is a fundamental factor in building a better future.



Decrease in crime rates as a result of the generation of quality jobs and productive models that promote family work and brotherhood.

Implementation of a sustainable, successful and potentially replicable economic model in developing countries.



GlassBijoux, was conceived by a group of entrepreneurs who decided to join efforts to create an e-commerce platform in which accessories made under fair trade standards are sold, responsible and respectful with the environment.

GlassBijoux, is an agreement that arises from a group of makers who vigorously embraced the idea of ​​a revised neo-capitalism, which promotes that all parties involved in the production process must obtain fair profits and also provide the final consumer of the product, know a little more than those who are behind what they consume and the impact behind their purchasing action.

All entrepreneurship requires people to drive it, those people have stories that are linked to their environment and that is what somehow seeks to highlight in this portal, the story behind the product, of those who give it a soul, a spirit.

The members of GlassBijoux, seek to promote situations that inspire the construction of a better and more balanced world, it is clear that it is a long-term bet with a vision that aspires to be a reference in terms of fair trade and all its implications.


GlassBijoux, is the crystallization of the genuine interest in promoting a digital space that projects the creative work of different artists and workshops in the arts of fire, a meeting place where the different initiatives that exist throughout the planet are shown. in the manufacture of accessories based on glass and other accompanying materials.

Our short-term vision is to become a benchmark in the commercialization of author pieces, complying with the established parameters of fair trade and integrating a diversity of factors favorable to the environment, occupational health and transparency in the manufacturing and manufacturing, where the work environment and the excellent remuneration of the members, are vital and non-negotiable factors of the project.

GlassBijoux, is and will be forever, a commercial projection space for artisan producers with the appetite to stimulate creativity to associate it with original proposals with solutions for humanity.

The supreme desire is to achieve, through our platform, a mechanism to promote, defend and protect economically depressed communities, to turn them into micro-entrepreneurs who promote family union, decent work, education for development and protection of the environment.


Our venture is founded on three solid axes.

The work commitment: we offer effective economic solutions for those who do not have the knowledge, technological tools and financial resources to achieve a better quality of life in unfavorable or economically depressed environments.

The social commitment: we contribute directly to educational plans that train women in different areas of the manual arts, thus promoting work and family union as the fundamental pillars for a healthy growth of society, which is why we have designed this commercial platform, a window to the world in which products that improve the quality of life of all the members of the different production processes that we promote are marketed.

The environmental commitment: we allocate part of our profits to programs and projects that seek to seek environmental improvements, in order to offset the ecological cost of our undertaking.







Designer – Artist

She is the artist behind this initiative, a creator with more than 20 years in the arts of fire who today focuses all her efforts on an unprecedented program of social inclusion based on art and jewelry.



He is in charge of the connection work between the communities and the atelier where the production and design that drives this initiative are carried out, who is responsible for consolidating the project in its socio-productive sense.



Web Administration

He is in charge of the marketing, branding and web administration of GlassBijoux, as well as being the one who maintains a permanent connection with customers and suppliers from Asia, America and Europe.



He is the person in charge of planning and managing all operations related to the optimal flow of goods and finished products, as well as post-sale communication.

Fair trade B2B solutions

Fair Trade

Our products guarantee a totally satisfactory shopping experience, both for the final consumer and for the intermediary, store or distributor that joins our customers.



Quality control

It is in charge of supervising the finishes and the correct execution of the production processes, application of the regulations and quality standards, as well as the delivery of the material for export.

Fair trade B2B solutions

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